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Since the early 1980's, illustrator Dave Dorman, has been fascinated by the movies and concept art for Aliens. The organic-metal backgrounds in many of his paintings have been influenced by the images produced by these movies and the startling design artwork H.R. Geiger created for the films.

In 1989, Dorman began work on a number of comic industry projects that had him creating some of the most vivid, realistic paintings of Aliens. Perhaps the most noteworthy of these projects is the illustrated novel, Aliens: Tribes for which Dorman won an Eisner Award.  Here are some examples of the amazing work that Dave Dorman has produced for the Aliens market. There are a number of places where the work crosses over with Predator material, but the Alien textures and power are the dominant themes in these paintings. Click any icon to see more details and a larger version of the artwork.