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Star Wars / Indy / AvP Prints For Sale
Updated 12.29.08 - NOW FREE REMARQUES!

Hi and thanks for your interest in ordering a print or Star Wars Prints Artist's Proofs

An artist proof is part of the print edition given to the artist for his own use.  Usually these are marked as A/P or AP and are separate from the regular numbering of that edition. It is, however, the same print run as the regular edition, no special paper or inks. These prints are signed by the artist, me, Dave Dorman, and marked as A/P.

In my case I have a limited number of copies available of each of the prints listed below. They include prints that have been sold out for many years as well as prints that may still be available from the Star Wars Fan club.

The prints are $50 each (price includes Fed Ex shipping) unless noted below. There is no limit on the amount of prints you may purchase. However, please remember, these quantities are strictly limited and once these are sold out there will be no more available.

Also as an added bonus for those interested, I will remarque your prints if you desire. A remarque is a small original drawing done in pencil on the print. This has been very popular for many collectors. This REMARQUE is now FREE! It's a good time to take advantage of this offer to have an original drawign on your print

I am able to take PayPal payments so if you wanted to pay by credit card you may do so through PayPal. When paying via PayPal please use this account:

If paying by check or money order please make payment to Dave Dorman, and send it to:

Dave Dorman
P.O. Box 1094 
Geneva, IL  60510

Listed below are the links to the web pages where you will find images of the prints available. There is some descriptive text on some of the pages, however please disregard any notice of the prints being sold out or unavailable. This was for the regular edition and not for these artist proofs.

If you have any questions or you want to have an order held until payment arrives please email me 

Thanks again for your interest!

SW Celebration 4: STAR WARS: Lord Vader's Persuasion... $150 (Very Limited) 20"x36"
SW Celebration Europe: STAR WARS: Incident onthe Jundland Wastes $100 (Very Limited) 20"x36"
Battle of Hoth: STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back;$100 (Very Limited) 20"x36"
In the Court of Jabba the Hutt: STAR WARS: Return of the Jedi $100 (Very Limited) 20"x36"
Dark Empire 2  19"x24"
Heroes of the Alliance  16"x22"
Smuggler's Moon  19"x24"
Tales of the Jedi  16"x22"
Legacy of the Jedi   16.5"x24"
Han Solo and Chewbacca  16"x22"
Leia as Boussh  17"x23"
Wedge Antilles  16"x22"
Darth Vader (Dynamic Forces Edition) $75 (Very Limited)   18"x24"
Boba Fett: Fall of a Bounty Hunter $100 (Very Limited) This print also signed by Jeremy Bullock    20"x28"

Thunder in the Orient  19"x24"

The Hunter Becomes the Prey 22"x28"